5/2/2017   Feels like summer is here! And with that glorious sun comes a convoy of new shows and travel dates across this great land.  New York City, Los Angeles, Montana, and Kansas are among the route, so get ready for some wild nights of sexthirstylovehunger.  Keep updated of performances near you on Facebook, Twitter, or right here in The Loveden.  And try on some new songs on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Pandora!  Love and miss you Lovemongers!

4/9/2017   With the heaviest of hearts the whole CP camp is recoiling from the tragic loss of their musical soulsister, Lisa Donnelly.  Many of you saw Lisa perform alongside Cory from 2003 to 2009 when they both supported each other's songwriting and voices in bands like FM and California (with Joe Sax, Cody Felder, and Pat Bradley), and each of Lisa's and Cory's solo projects around Los Angeles.  She was a successful vocal powerhouse and beautiful talent shooting toward the stars, an inspiring friend, love, and ally...  This is a low and heartbreaking time for the whole crew and for the thousands of hearts Lisa touched in 37 short years.   We encourage you to embrace her soulful musical legacy with us at
 her artist website and her Facebook page.   

5/6/2016   Back in the studio next week to continue sessions for the SEXTHIRSTYLOVEHUNGER album.  We've been performing so much in and around Los Angeles that it will be good to switch gears and try to finish this record.  Many new shows have been posted (see TOURDATES) in the Southern California area, and many others are being booked now.  This will be a crazy musical summer!  In August the soul train is moving to New York City, and I'll be aiming to share groovefunkdisco & blue-eyed soul with a whole new audience.  We're booking solo performances there beginning in August.  Starting to project-plan for the new album-cover/package-design too!  Don't forget to check out the new songs we've put up here at (hear AUDIO)!   

 10/20/2014  PANDORA welcomes Cory Phillips to their Genome Project and digital radio catalog!  Join our new Pandora family by clicking here!  Even more, Cory Phillips radio exposes you to other great new soul rock artists.  Sign in, tune into the station, and share with your extended sphere!  Be sure to thumb-up!  And Los Angeles, we'll see you on October 24th for both solo AND GrooveOrchestra shows!

  4/10/2014  Monday Night Acoustic Soul  at Santino's in Santa Monica!   Join us for a stripped down performance every Monday night 7-10pm.  Free food, free entry, free love.

Down home dirty groove disco & smooth soul funk at the Warehouse Saturday night!!! The band is turnin up some good times at a very fun place right on the water in Marina Del Rey. It's the last full band show of the year, so forgive us if we enjoy some surprises and sweet lovins. Cover includes one free drink. Get sassied and dolled up and come get it on!  Abandon your regular dive for the night and spend it with the babymakers! O, how we've missed you!  (see details at )

  10/30/2013   I'm traveling to Lawrence, Kansas for two shows November 8th & 9th (see Tourdates) with the midwest Groove Orchestra!  It's been over a year since I performed there, and I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody.  Every time I return there we all go crazy, so put on your tight pants and hit the dancefloor!  Hope you can all come out!  (clink links for details!)  Nov 8th  Nov 9th 

  4/15/2013   Wildly excited to return to WITZEND Friday April 19th (feels like a classic date) in Venice, CA for the first of a monthly residency!  Visit Facebook event and Cory Phillips artist pages to get yo' half-price flyers!  

  4/8/2013   Second full day back in the studio and we're almost done with Fit You, Sweet Disaster, & Ride All Night 4U!   I'm so excited by what we're're really gonna dig it.   A great way to start Spring Break...I hope everyone's turnin it up just a little louder this week! 

  2/24/2013   Cory & Joe are back in the studio making more progress....stay tuned for a studio photo sesh! :)  (see blog link)

  2/21/2013   Cory's monthly acoustic performance at Santa Monica's Santino's Thursday, February 21st starts at 7pm.  These dense and intimate nights often feature some of the very best surprise guests!  (clink link for details)

  1/29/2013   EroticGrooveFunk w/ CoryPhillips&theGrooveMachine Tuesday night at Witzend in Venice, CA! (click this link for details)

  1/25/2013  New showdates added!  Culver City, Venice, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Ocean Beach, & Imperial Beach!  

  1/17/2013  Cory Phillips and special guest JOE AVERY host an acoustic concert Thursday, January 17th at SANTINO's in Santa Monica, CA.  Joe comes all the way from Lawrence, KS & Northwest Missouri with a songbag of honeyed mahogany singing, strumming, and harp blowing.  Tickets are free and so is the love!  Showtime: 7-10:30pm  (click here for details) 

  1/1/2013  Magical new year to every single one of you wonderful thangs from all of us in the CP camp!!!  Lets make this one the fullest ever!

  12/29/2012   Stay sassy San Diego! CORY PHILLIPS & THE GROOVE MACHINE lights up at 9pm at THE HARP in Ocean Beach Saturday night.

  12/20/2012  CORY PHILLIPS' GROOVY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL announced!  Thursday, December 20th at Santino's in Santa Monica, CA (click on link for details)

  12/18/2012  More San Diego concerts announced!  (click on link for details)

  12/13/2012  Cory Phillips compact discs or downloads are great holiday gift ideas! (click on link for details)

  12/12/2012  New concert dates added in Venice, Culver City, & Santa Monica during the holiday season! (click on link for details)

 10/26/2012  Surprise Halloween weekend show just announced!  Performing at Santa Monica's hotspot, DAKOTA LOUNGE Friday night with JIVE MOTHER MARY!

  10/17/2012  Thanksgiving weekend shows announced!  See tourdates!

  10/15/2012   We've been in the studio to record the SEXTHIRSTYLOVEHUNGER album!  This groovy dance album is being co-produced by Joe Sachs and should be finished in early Spring '13.  This is one of my favorite places on Earth (the recording studio): the womb of ideas, experimentation, execution, & perfection...

  9/22/2012  October concert schedule coming this week.  Stay tuned for announcements!

  9/22/2012   Performances from the Sept. 21st concert at Dakota Lounge are still echoing across Southern California!  Acoustic Minds from Portland, OR and Eric McFadden from San Francisco, CA joined me & the Groove Machine in Santa Monica for hours of passion.  Pictures of the event will be posted soon!  Wherever you are-you MUST go to their websites and find out when you can catch their shows. Each was unreasonably incredible.  We were pretty good too!  

  9/22/2012   I'm back in the studio recording for SEXTHIRSTYLOVEHUNGER!  Hoping to wrap by winter.  Check back for clips and exclusive samples.  Follow me on Twitter & Facebook for updates from the sessions.